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Kaimi Biotech releases the Innovative Saliva Collection System-- QiDix

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QiDix Saliva Collection System, a game changer for saliva collection, storage and transportation.


Taizhou Kaimi Biotech Co., Ltd.(Kaimi Biotech) introduced an innovative saliva collection system for COVID 19 testing--QiDix Saliva Collection System. The QiDix system is compatible with qPCR/RT-qPCR tests and sequencing-based COVID-19 analysis.

QiDix has two freatures distinct from other commercial saliva collection systems with an innovative sample sufficiency indicator and a detachable tip. The creative design makes the QiDix safe and user-friendly to handle, particularly for non-professional users without medical background.

QiDix Saliva Collection System is reliable and robust, which consists of a saliva collection swab and customized storage buffer. The system collects and protects saliva samples throughout collection and transportation processes, and facilitates further analysis. The storage buffer can extract and stablize the inactivated COVID 19 RNA for two days at room temperature.  

“Saliva collection through QiDix saliva collection system can be implemented easily and safely by non-professional users. Its sufficient indicator assures users enough sample has been cellected. Unlike many commercial saliva collection devices which are prone to spreading saliva droplets during collection. QiDix's specially designed feature can avoid cross-contamination from sample to sample during collection, storage and shipping.” said Otis Zhao, President of Kaimi Biotech. “QiDix is suitable for slaiva collection in many settings such as airports, hospitals, medical clinics and home. We are confident that QiDix​​​​​​​ will become an important tool to combat the spread of COVID 19. “