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Taizhou Kaimi Biotech Co., Ltd.(Kaimi Biotech)is announcing successful development and commercialization of an innovativeThroat &Nasal Swab. QiDix Throat and Nasal Swabprovides a reliable and robust tool for collecting various types of mucus samples and body fluids.  Along with customized buffers, samples collected by QiDix Throat and Nasal Swabcan be used for a number of types of analysis, includingimmunoassay antigen tests, qPCR/RT-qPCR tests and sequencing-based COVID-19 analysis.

QiDix Throat and Nasal Swabhas a unique feature distinct from other commercial swabs with an innovative sample sufficiency indicator.  The indicator will be fully activated from colorless to pink only after enough sample has been collected.The sufficient indicator can help usersknow if enough samples have been collected to assure accurate and sensitive detection.  QiDix Throat and Nasal Swabwith sufficient indicator is reliable and robust.  In addition, it helps to reduce human error and provides confidence for users, both medical professional and ordinary users.

The color appearing indicator uses food grade materials and is safe.  The indicator has no leaching in saliva or nasal mucus. When using swabs to collect nasal or saliva samples, users, particularly non-medical professionals, often wonder how they know if enough sample has been collected.  “QiDixThroat and Nasal Swab provides a convenient solution to this long unmet need ordinary swabs have failed to address for a long time”. Said Otis Zhao, President of Kaimi Biotech.“I am very proud to announce today that Kaimi’s technical team has solved this dilemma by introducing QiDix Throat and Nasal Swab.  We are happy to partner with other companies to bring this revolutionary swab to more users, and help to fight Covid-19 pandemics. Please contact me if you are interested in collaborating with Kaimi Biotech.